Contractors:  Are you sick and tired of losing business to your competitors?

Do you have a website that has a pretty face, but is nowhere to be found in the search results?

Every day, new, potential customers use the Internet to search for your products and services in your area. If you are not on the first page of Google for the search terms that they use, then over 95% of them won’t find you!

Since over 60% of website traffic comes from the search engines, your site’s SEO can mean the difference between your website being a success or failure. From getting barely noticed to turning a significant profit month over month.

On the other hand, executing a successful search engine optimization campaign is no easy task, since the search engines are a constantly moving target.

A successful search engine optimization campaign has many critical components, including:

  • Keyword research – researching your market to identify the search terms that prospects use to find products & services in your local market
  • On-Site SEO – developing compelling title & descriptions for each page that get customers to click through to your website (most people don’t do this) and ensuring that your website is structured correctly to get indexed in Google
  • Link building – building relationships with others in your industry and acquiring links from trustworthy, reputable sites
  • Content creation – compelling content attracts more search engine traffic like a magnet. Our team can work with you to create compelling blog posts, articles and press releases and promote them to your target audience.
  • Call tracking & Analytics – conducting website traffic analysis to understand what’s working and what’s not

As you can see, a successful search engine optimization campaign involves many components that must be executed correctly in order to achieve the best results. It takes the expertise of our team to maximize your website’s success in the search engines.

Recently, we did an SEO and Adwords campaign that has helped an appliance repair company generate over 1,000 leads in 8 months.  Also, we helped a heating & cooling company more than triple their website revenue.

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  • A little-known secret that can help you double (or even triple) your traffic from Google
  • 3 ways to turn your website’s traffic into sales
  • How to find out how much traffic your website is receiving

We’ll help you understand where your website sits in Google – as well as what needs to be done to get better results.

Contractors:  Call us at 248-943-1550 to schedule your FREE SEO review.

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